Install our Chrome Extension to Remove Paywalls

Our extension is easy to install, and using it you are just one click away from bypassing paywalls on the chrome browser. Works on hundreds of websites, including NYTimes, Economist, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal…

Installation steps

  1. Download the extension here
  2. Unzip the extension (usually by double clicking the downloaded file). Once you unzip it you should see a folder titled: “RPW Chrome Extension”.
  3. Head to chrome, click on “Manage extensions”. Easiest way to do that is to type into the address bar: chrome://extensions
  4. In the top right corner of the page, use the botton to select Developer Mode. (The selector should be blue).
  5. Click the “Load unpacked” button on the top left of the page. Navigate to and select the folder you unzipped, “RPW Chrome Extension”. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the folder onto the page.
  6. Extension is now loaded!

Now, whenever you hit a paywall, click the Remove Paywalls button under extensions and the tool will search the archives for the full article. You can find it by clicking on the puzzle piece to the right of the search button. The button for the Remove Paywalls extension looks like an unlocked padlock.

Just like using, when you click it, we’ll attempt to load the full article, but also load the bar at the top will appear that allows you to choose a different method to bypass the paywall if the full article does not load. This is a key reason why this tool is practically the most useful of all those out there.

We recommend pinning the extension! That will give you an icon next to the search bar for easy access

If something isn’t working for you, contact us at